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| Updated on Nov 19, 2015

Requirements for Traveling to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Taking a trip to Sri Lanka is easier than ever.

Now you can apply for a Sri Lanka visa online from the comfort of your home.

No more gathering documents, pictures and standing in long lines at the post office in order to send it all off to the government. Technology continues to make life much more convenient and time saving.

If you are planning to head over to the small country of Sri Lanka, start no further than clicking on our site to help get you started with an electronic visa to Srilanka.

So why apply for an electronic visa? First off, it’s a much quicker return than a standard visa you mailed off for. An average turnaround of 24-48 hours is what you can expect instead of weeks.

Secondly, it’s linked electronically to your passport and requires no insert to the visa section. Finally, an electronic visa is the wave of the future and as more and more countries make the switch, you will be unable to apply for a paper visa.

But don’t worry, it’s not difficult and we are here to help you. Here are some things to know before you submit your eta visa Sri Lanka application:

  • Usage: Word to the wise, don’t apply for a visa until you have your airline tickets booked. This is a requirement in order to receive one. Generally, it takes about two business days to process the Sri Lanka visa online (or ETA). It could take longer if there are any problems or mistakes on the application.

    Once it’s processed, the visa is then linked to your passport and will allow you entrance into Sri Lanka.

    No stamp or paper visa will be issued. The visa is good for unlimited visits for three months. Keep in mind, each visit cannot exceed more than 30 days. Another tidbit to keep in mind is if you are traveling with children, each child must have their own passport and visa.

  • Mistakes: It’s crucial to remember when you are filling out your eta application to double and triple check the information you give. Why? If you submit a mistake it can delay your issuance of a visa. Also, if rejected, you will need to resubmit the application and pay for it again.

    Common mistakes made include: invalid passport number, social security number, misspelled name and invalid birthdate. Take the time to carefully review the application before submitting.

  • Travel: Once you are approved and have an ETA linked to your passport, you are able travel anywhere in Sri Lanka. Happy travels!

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