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| Updated on Aug 19, 2015

Curries to Try in Sri Lanka

Eating is half the fun of travel. Period.

Knowing where to dine plus the Sri Lanka Visa Requirements equals happy, satisfied taste buds.

When you go to Sri Lanka or any other place on the planet, you have to be open minded to the food. We make it a rule when going abroad and that is: if you can eat it at home, you shouldn’t look for it in a foreign country. McDonald’s and Starbucks are two places needing to be eliminated from the travel dining list. Why? You can get it anywhere.

Vacate your life and comfort zones! Try something new.

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The amount of food concoctions derived by humans is incredible! In Sri Lanka, there is literally no limit to what can appear on your plate but we want to take it down a notch and focus on one type of scrumptiously, mouthwatering item: curry.

What can’t you do with curry? Don’t worry, we have a few must try curry dishes which can be sampled almost anywhere in Sri Lanka:

  • Fish Curry: If you are not a seafood lover, than skip to the next curry. Fish curry is usually served with white rice, vegetable and of course, fish. Hotter curry comes with Chili Fish curry. Definitely a walk on the spicier side, it’s served with deep fried fish and smells amazing! Another fish curry dish is the sweet and sour. Just as it sounds, you can satisfy both sets of taste buds by mixing a sweetness and bitter flavor. All served on white rice.

  • Polos: Jackfruit curry is a must try! Different jackfruit ripeness makes for differing tastes of polo. The fruit is generally diced and cooked in spicy curry sauce. The way it’s cooked could fool you into believing there are chunks of beef. If you enjoy the taste of beets, try a beetroot curry. Beets are practically murdered, or at least it looks like a crime scene in the pan, when these sliced beets are added to rich, flavorful curry sauce. Even if it’s not your favorite, try it anyway.

  • Sri Lankan Dahl Curry: Also called Parripu, consists of red lentils smothered in delectable curry sauce, doused with coconut milk. A thicker curry but delicious nonetheless. Rice or bread is served alongside this curry. Your choice.

Remember to eat well and learn about the Sri Lanka Visa Requirements and before you know it, you’ll be slurping back authentic curry in a land far, far away.

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