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| Updated on Dec 31, 2015

Walk the Wild Side of Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Protected national forests and wilderness are a must after submitting your Sri Lanka Visa Application and entering the country. The country itself is a large, beautiful icon of exquisite landscapes, worthy of appreciation and preservation. Lush rain forests are one of Sri Lanka’s gorgeous hotspots, especially in the southwest portion of the country. Sinharaja Forest Reserve is a perfect example of such vibrantly alive areas of nature. Like so many locations on this globe, if you are not a native citizen, you will need a visa. Step into breathtaking viewpoints by climbing aboard the modern train and receiving an electronically linked with Sri Lanka visa to your passport .

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We can assist you. Our easy to use site allows applicants to browse in comfort and spend just a few minutes on the Sri Lanka Visa Application. So long as the information you provide us is correct, you’ll be ready to go in about 24 hours. Give us a click at and see for yourself. Engulfing the southwest region of Sri Lanka lies the Sinharaja Forest Reserve, a wetland of extreme importance to the country and fragile ecosystem. A whopping 8,800 hectares extends both rainforest and other scrub forest in every direction. The forest reserve rises from 300-1170 meters depending on where you are situated. Sinharaja is home to hundreds of different plant, insect and animal species. A few rare or endangered mammals and birds include:

  • Sri Lanka Wood Pigeon -Green-billed coucal -Purple-faced Langur -Indian Elephant -Leopard

Sri Lanka has taken precautions for over a century to ensure the survival of unique species and animals in the forest. As of May 3, 1875, the country declared a large portion of the forest as a reserve. In 1978, Sinharaja was declared a biosphere and admitted into the UNESCO World Heritage Organization. Most of it remained under protection until October of 1988 when the National Heritage and Wilderness Area Act passed creating protection over the entire forest. Though the forest is protected, it remains vulnerable to illegal actions such as logging, gem mining and other resource removal by developers. Unfortunately, budgeting keeps the amount of staff inside the forest low, which gives way to opportunities of theft.
Planning to explore the wild? Try staying at the Eco Villa in Deniyaya, complete with a guide. Explore the Aranuwa River or swim underneath a beautiful waterfall at Lankagama Kekuna Ella Falls. When walking through the rainforest, be sure to dress for the occasional rain storms and one other fun aspect: leeches. It’s highly recommended to wear leech socks as you are almost guaranteed to have one try and hitch a ride back to camp with you.

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