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| Updated on Dec 22, 2015

Visit Ancient City of Polonnaruwa in Sri Lanka

Witnessing ancient cities begins with a Sri Lanka Visa and a deep down desire for exploration.

Let’s face it; the best places on this planet were created hundreds, even thousands of years.

How incredible is it to see a structure still standing after millennia of weather, disaster and warfare?

Considering our own creations during the modern world fall apart after a few years, these structures deserve respect and admiration.


But marveling doesn’t start until you have filled out your application for a visa. Once you have your trip planned, plane tickets bought, click on our link and take a look around our easy to use site. Learn what you need to know in order to make the trip to Sir Lanka possible.

No need to travel to Rome in order to find ancient cities. Sri Lanka’s own Polonnaruwa is one ancient location that should not be missed once you have your Sri Lanka Visa in hand. Even if you are not into digging in the dirt to find what remains of the past, there are plenty of places within the city to bear witness to these sights. No digging required when you visit, archaeologists have already done the dirty work for you.

But here are a few of the areas to concentrate on arrival:

-Sandakada Pahana:

Not just a stone but a piece of artwork done in an effort to tell a story of Buddhism. Admire the carefully carved animals and amount of detail put into the stone. There were no laser engravers or computer programs designed to cut through or even etch stone back in the day. Each detail was the result of someone’s imagination and a steady hand.

-Gal Vihara:

Literally carved into the mountainside, these enormous statues of Buddha sitting and laying on his side are incredible. Arch your neck and keep looking up. It’s as though the world slipped away and left nothing but magnificent art.

-Gal-Potha Stone Book:

One of the most important features to touring Plonnaruwa is experiencing this giant stone book. Pictures don’t do any justice to the scope of how incredibly large and impactful it truly is. The museum on site has an abundant amount of information regarding the placement and historical significance of the book. Be sure to check it out.

-Weijantha Prasada:

Take a walk through and about what use to be the palace and royal gardens of the king. Step into the past and imagine what ancient people were doing while amidst this incredible structure. Considering the age of these stones and pieces of the palace, it makes for the optimal photography site. A photo dream as some would call it.

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