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| Updated on Feb 27, 2016

Visa to Sri Lanka for Touring Wildlife in Yala National Park

Exploring the wildlife with a safari begins by learning about the Sri Lanka visa requirements and of course, applying. Africa isn’t the only place on earth to take a wild and crazy safari.

Animals live on every continent and this means plenty of opportunities to check them out. In the Yala National Park in Sri Lanka, this memorable trip is at your grasp once you apply for the Sri Lanka visa and book your vacation.

Sri lanka visa yala park

Besides, who wouldn’t want to visit this superb area? You’re crazy if this doesn’t peak your travel interests.

Yala National Park is the pride and joy of Sri Lanka. With over 130,000 hectares of preserved land, about 2/5’s of this is open to the public. Terrain stretches out beyond the imagination, changing from wavy grasslands to soaking wetlands.

Moderate forest areas and even charming lagoons can be found throughout the park. Situated in the SE portion of the country, Yala National Park butts up to the Indian Ocean, giving way to its warm tropical climate.

A bit of history tells us the area was commissioned as a wildlife sanctuary about 115 years ago and turned into Yala National Park 38 years later. Over the decades, Sri Lanka has worked to preserve it mammals and variety of bird species, native to the land.

Today, the park is home to one of the largest population of leopards, jackals, elephants and peacocks. Crocodiles are another breed currently roaming the park in numbers.

Definitely be on your guard for these beasts. Along with these animals, you could also see spotted bears, deer and sambars. Plus, if you are a bird watcher, keep those binoculars to the sky as you have a fairly good chance of seeing one for the 215 species sailing the skies or nesting in trees.

Visiting the park is best when water levels are lower. This usually occurs in February and July. Having less water tends to drive animals out and chances of seeing one quickly rises.

As for touring the area, it’s advised to go on a tour with groups or locals who are familiar with the area. Being out in the wild is dangerous and seeing these animals safely should be at the top of your list. A safari is your best bet for viewing animals and experiencing what Yala National Park has to offer.

This exciting place can be in the palm of your hands and memories hanging on your wall at home, once you have your passport and get your Sri Lanka visa requirements from our site.

Once you have that information, be sure apply and we will take care of the rest. Before you know it, you’ll be gripping the handles inside a jeep while elephants cross the road in front of you.

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