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| Updated on Dec 14, 2015

Venture Vacation in Sri Lanka’s Colombo

Touring Sri Lanka wildlife areas and make a quest to the capital are made possible after submitting your Sri Lanka visa application.


In today’s world, there is no travelling without proper identification. Don’t you just miss the old days? By old we mean hundreds of years ago. No need to reminisce as none of us were alive during that time.

Now we get the fun filled pleasure of making sure all our documents are current and correct. Planning a trip to Sri Lanka has never been easier as getting a visa is just a click away at Once you submit the Sri Lanka visa application, we will take care of the rest and get you touring the beautiful capitol of Colombo.

Once you have arrived in Colombo and check into your hotel, you have a chance to see an industrial city with hidden beauty lying around every corner. One of the best ways to view the city is by train. Hop on board, relax and view the landscapes. For a hiking experience, take the train up to Mount Lavinia. Spend the day or half a day hiking around or lying on the warm beach sand. Yes, this isn’t all mountain but a perfect beach that you can soak in the sun on.

Talangama Wetland is another breathtaking location accessible by train. Be sure to spend some time here walking around and getting your feet wet, literally!

There are plenty of manmade spots to be seen and enjoyed when visiting Colombo. If you are a history buff, try seeing The Central Point Museum, Colombo National Museum or Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara Buddhist temple. At the Central Point Museum, take a tour into the history of money and the country’s economy. Learn about the past and how Colombo came to be inside the National museum.

Visitors are welcome inside the temple, but remember it’s a place of worship. Make sure to adhere to any rules such as taking off your shoes before entering.

If traversing through museums is not your forte, there are plenty of outdoor type ventures awaiting. Whale watching is a popular pastime and experience for anyone. Depending on when you go, you and the family could witness dolphins jumping into the air or get sprayed with water by a whale coming up to breathe. Rather be under the water?

Try snorkeling or scuba diving. Lessons are available and more experienced divers are willing to help you see these ocean creatures up close.

Regardless of what your idea of seeing the city is, land or sea, Colombo is a beautiful city filled with history and beautiful landscapes. Bike, walk, ride a train or sail the ocean. Either way you go, Colombo should be a vacation to remember!

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