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| Updated on Jun 15, 2016

The golden secrets of Sri Lanka

With lush tropical scenery, bright colours and vibrant culture, Sri lanka is the perfect retreat for any traveler. The island holds some of the world’s most ancient cities and iconic landscapes in Asia, making the country a colorful museum of living history. Its diversity and beauty make sri lanka one of the most stable and magnetic traveling destination in Asia.

Lapped by the Indian Ocean, the coast is fringed with idyllic golden beaches, while the interior of the island offers a wide variety of landscapes. Hills, lowland jungles and magical shores make of Sri lanka the home of more than 20.000 species, ranging from asian elephants and leopards to rare endemic bird species of mystical beauty.

Sri Lanka Landscape

It’s astonishing nature provides an ideal location for an unforgettable trip full of adventure, water sports (especially diving and snorkelling) and relax. The diversity of the country makes Sri Lanka a perfect destination for all kinds of visitors, as it provides endless options suitable for all interests; from the cultural side full of history and charm, to the wonders of its natural treasures and the richness of its eclectic heritage.

Fishing is one of the traditional economic activities in Sri Lanka

The island also holds some of the most beautiful and representative Buddhist temples on earth, such as the Temple of the Sacred Tooth, which is thought to contain a tooth of the Buddha and the Sri Maha Bodhi, a sacred space that holds the oldest documented living tree. Despite of its reduced size, Sri lanka holds eight Unesco World Heritage Sites that can be visited all year long. These spaces treasure fairly the beauty of the country, blessed with ruins, cityscapes, temples and unique wilderness areas, which make of Sri Lanka one of the hidden gems of the world.

Before visiting Sri Lanka, you are required to apply for a tourist visa. This process can be completely carried out online and has a cost of US$30 and a validity of 30 days. A Sri Lankan travel visa can still be obtained at international embassies for the same price and duration. If you are already in Sri Lanka and you do not have a valid visa, there is a counter at Bandaranaike International Airport that provides short notice visas, although you will be required to pay a small penalty.
If you wish to extend your trip to Sri Lanka, it is possible to renew your 30-day tourist visa twice through a relatively simple bureaucratic process. For more information, contact the Department of Immigration and Emigration When travelling through Sri Lanka, you must carry a valid passport at all times. This is especially necessary when booking accommodation and accessing the international embassies in the capital.


Although obtaining a Sri Lankan visa for US citizens is not particularly difficult, make sure that you have a valid passport for more than six months. Also, it is advisable to apply for the visa as soon as possible, because your Sri Lankan visa may take weeks to be processed.

Sri Lanka People

Regarding accommodation, Sri Lanka offers affordable options in many locations. One of the most popular areas is the Cultural triangle, which is close to many remarkable sights, such as the Sigiriya Rock, Dambulla Temple and the cities of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa.This area is also known for its unique wildlife, home of the Asian elephant.

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