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| Updated on Nov 15, 2015

Temple Touring: A Must for a Visit to Sri Lanka

Nothing else seems to matter when touring the country, as the history and raw beauty of countless temples are the pivotal tourist attraction. In Dambulla, you have a chance to go inside and explore the cave temple or the Golden Temple of Dambulla, as locals call it.

Temples seem to be the go-to places for most travelers with a Sri Lanka Visa.

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Conveniently, its situated in central Sri Lanka and makes it readily accessible for anyone regardless of location. For outsiders wanting a piece of temple heaven, you will first be responsible for booking the trip, followed by getting a visa. No temple can be seen without one and we can help you in that department. On our site, you will find easy to read instructions, complete with an application, which literally takes minutes to complete.

Follow us at and get to temple hopping.

One of the most iconic temples in Sri Lanka is the Golden Temple. Why? If it’s not obvious when you see it, we can point it out: the giant gold Buddha statue resting in front of the temple. Before passing through the doors, you will soon see what we are talking about. Lucky for Buddha, he doesn’t need a Sri Lanka Visa but you do. Such is life. This site has been a sacred pilgrimage for followers for more than 22 centuries.

Even after thousands of years of history, it remains one of the best preserved and largest cave temples in Sri Lanka.

While visiting, be prepared to walk the halls on the heels of ancient Buddhists who have dedicated their lives to serving Buddha. Search through paintings and statues for ancient clues of how lives were centuries ago. During the 18th century, most sculptures and terraces were restored to its original glory. If it were not for the restoration, many paintings and levels of the temple would have crumbled and history would have been erased. Take a tour of the Buddhist Museum and learn how they lived.

When touring the Golden Temple, be sure to check out the Rock Temple, which is also connected. There are 5 caves to explore, with hundreds of relics and scripts dating back through the ages. If you are visiting Sri Lanka, a stop in Dambulla is a must. When visiting these temples, be sure to remain quiet. These are considered sacred temples and Buddhists continue to hold worship services today. Even if you are not a believer, please do your best to remain respectful.

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