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| Updated on May 21, 2016

Sri Lanka Visa will Open Doors to a Thousand Wonders

A Sri Lanka Visa will Open Doors to a Thousand Wonders.

When I think of the word Ceylon the first thing that comes to mind is tea, but that is only because I had been unaware that it is the historical name of the beautiful place now known as Sri Lanka. All you need to get started is a Sri Lanka Visa.

This eastern jewel has maritime borders with India to the North and the Maldives to the Southwest.

Sri lanka visa for whales

It has been a tourist destination for Europeans for centuries and its splendor was noted very early by Marco Polo in the twelfth century who wrote that Sri Lanka was the finest island in the whole world.

In a single island adventure, you can experience multiple natural and cultural wonders. Imagine golden beaches with surfing waves and giant whales.

Capture photo and video of wildlife such as elephants and leopards in majestic parks and ramp up your birdwatching by trying to catch a glimpse of a population made up of up to 433 different bird species.

Visit cultural sites dating back several millennia, and enjoy being spoiled Ayurveda treatment, a native healing system perfected over more than five centuries.

Where are the best places to experience all this?

For surfing it depends on the season. November to April brings morning offshore winds to the western side of the island, near Hikkadua, whereas May to October brings the same conditions to the east centered around Arugam Bay.

A Sri Lanka Visa has the potential to give you a good thrill if you plan on whale watching. The best places for whale watching in Sri Lanka are off the coast of Mirissa and Trincomalee.

Although whale watching is possible year round, there are specific times and places that are better. Head to Mirissa between November and April and to Trincomalee from June to October.

Sri Lanka is one of the best places in Asia for seeing wildlife due to the biodiversity created by the varied geographic and climatic conditions. Sri Lanka is proud of its natural bounty. Mihintale, the world’s first reserve, was created here in the third century BC.

And more reserves have been created over the past 2000 years. Now there are 100 areas of protected land in the country.
Sri Lanka is home to some of the world’s ancient cities including Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura and Digamadulla. Arguable the most famous and beautiful is the Kingdom of Anuradhapura.

Not only did it serve as Sri Lanka’s for the longest time, but it is also one of the most sacred cities for Buddhists.

If you are interested in ancient healing, Sri Lanka is the place. Not only has ayurvedic healing been practiced here for thousands of years, but in modern times you can find a hotel where you can completely immerse yourself in the experience.

The best known are the Barberyn Beach Resort hotels that offer sun and relaxation at the seaside/pool with daily ayurvedic treatments, but there are many other sites that offer treatment for your body and soul.

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