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| Updated on Feb 27, 2016

Sri Lanka visa and Passport Photo online

Touring the small country of Sri Lanka gives travelers an in-depth perspective to a rich culture.

From hiking mountains to wandering through temples, there is something magical about the area.

If you are planning to take a trip, there are a few requirements, like obtaining a visa prior to departure, for example. Before submitting an application online, you will need a photo. No, not a selfie or one with your friends but a specifically formatted picture, similar to your passport photo.

Sri lanka visa and passport photo

Here are tips and tricks to making sure your photo is accepted with the application: · Be sure to have a neutral expression. No grinning or a wide open mouth is accepted. · Lighting needs to bring out the natural color of your face. · Plain, white background only. Not patterns, trees or anything else not solid and white. · No hats or sunglasses. If you are wearing prescription eyeglasses, be sure the frame isn’t too thick and blocking eyes. Scarves for religious purposes are ok. · Be sure there are no shadows being casted on your face or the background. · No borders. · The height and width must be the same. 2 X 2 inches max. · Digital upload size must not exceed 300 KB. · Your head should measure at least an inch from top to chin.

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