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| Updated on May 11, 2016

Explore Historical Town of Galle in Sri Lanka

Looking for beaches? Get a Visa for Sri Lanka and you could be laying out on exotic sands and cooling off in refreshing waters.

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Yeah, there are plenty of other things you could be doing but let’s face it: beach is where the fun is. Shuffling around beach goers while drinking your favorite adult beverage is a recipe for a fabulous trip. It all starts with proper documents. We can assist you in making sure the right paperwork is filled out, turned in and returned quickly. At you can research our simple site and find out all you need to know. Anyone entering Sri Lanka will need to have a visa. Why not give us a try and soon you will be hitting the waves.

Galle, Sri Lanka

They were probably not the first place to come to mind when you first thought of Sri Lanka. Laying out on sand or hitting the water with seadoos is actually more popular than you could imagine, especially in Galle. After getting your Visa for Sri Lanka, the country is your playground. Galle, is a smaller town on the southwestern most tip of the country. This is the type of area where cars are optional as your feet get you to more desirable places. Aside from sand, take a walk exploring the town. Visit the historical Galle Fortress. Tour the Galle Lighthouse and hear stories of ghosts. There is always something haunting about a lighthouse.

Places to sleep

Try the Galle Fort Hotel. Dating back over three centuries and originally a warehouse for Dutch settlers, the hotel was found decaying about 15 years ago. Taking pity on the old building, it was taken under the delicate hands of construction workers and restored in 2003. Considered to be a world within a world, you may never want to leave this breathtaking building.


For beach tranquility, spend a day or two at Unawatuna Beach. Enjoy the seclusions of its location, perfectly positioned with a swarm of palm trees and small hills on three sides, leaving only the cool, blue ocean to soak in. Depending on the time of day you arrive, you could see Monks bathing in the sea or swimming alone with turtles. It tends to be less crowded than other beaches in Sri Lanka, which makes it an ideal get away.

Galle truly is the hidden gem in Sri Lanka and should not be missed. Between historical forts, lighthouses and beautiful beach escapes, there is a bit of paradise for everyone. Ditch the car, say yes to a bike or use your own feet to get around. It makes all the difference in how you experience the town.

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