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| Updated on Aug 30, 2016

Colombo to Kandy Road Trip

Ready to experience the ride of your life? Traveling through Sri Lanka by car is unforgettable. I had the chance to travel from Colombo to Kandy and I completely recommend it. Of course, you have to be up for the adventure. The 110km drive can take up to 3 hours due to the road conditions. You do have the choice of train or bus but I think by car you won’t miss out on anything. Road trips give you the liberty to stop wherever you want whenever you want.

I highly recommend a Sri Lanka Road Trip. Starting at Colombo, the drive will take you through many local villages, up narrow mountain roads all the way to Kandy. The elevation is around 500 meters above sea level and you can see the surrounding mountains and tea plantations most of the time covered by clouds and fog. It is simply beautiful.

Road Trip Through Sri Lanka: Before you sit down and pick car, hotels, sites, etc it is important to check your documents and apply for a visa:

Visa: All those traveling to Sri Lanka on business or as tourists (sightseeing, holidays, visiting friends and relatives, participating in competitions, sporting events and activities relating to cultural performances) or if transiting, must obtain an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA).

The ETA or eVisa replaces the “sticker visa” and “stamp-type” visas formerly issued at border crossings. Applicants obtain their Sri Lanka visa electronically after entering required information and making a payment by credit card online.

Don’t waste time at the embassy; you can now apply for an eVisa online.

eVisa: You can apply for an e-Visa online on the following link or at the government website

Colombo to Kandy Options:

1-Rent Your Own Car: Some people think this option is a bit risky since roads are not in their best conditions. Locals will clearly know their way around better but if you are comfortable driving anywhere like me then you’ll be just fine. Just take the necessary precautions and get to know the basic rules. I enjoy driving a lot and when getting to know a country it gives you the freedom to stop anywhere you want as many times as you want.

2-Rent Car with Driver: Many people pick this option when they road trip in Sri Lanka. They feel safe having a local driving them around and you get first hand tips from your driver.

3-Taxi: You can start you taxi ride at the airport if you wish. As soon as you go through immigration, taxi drivers will come to you with different offers. I suggest you look up a good taxi firm in Colombo just to keep things safe.

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