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| Updated on Sep 14, 2015

Ascending the Sacred Footprint of Adam’s Peak

Sri Lanka

Ascending the Sacred Footprint of Adam’s Peak

For any dedicated rock climber or serious mountain hiker, a Sri Lanka Visa brings you closer to extreme thrills faster than you can pack your gear.

Sometimes, it takes a few days right? You could get your visa and fly to Sri Lanka in faster time, thanks to technology.

But seriously, if you are looking for a new mountain to conquer or vantage point at the top of the world, look no further than Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka. Before you start feverishly Googling it, perhaps a walk down the visa lane would be better, at least at first.

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Now that you have your Sri Lanka Visa taken care of, let’s focus on where you are headed. Whether you are a serious hiker/climber or simply enjoy a day trip through the wild, Adam’s Peak is perfect for you. To locals, Adam’s Peak is known as Sri Pada or “sacred footprint” and is held as Buddhism’s most sacred mountain.

What remains of the mountain peak is not nearly the same as what has been washed away over the centuries.

Gems, including topaz, rubies and other dazzling dots of color have almost all been picked over or lost with thousands of years of rain. The peak is considered sacred and remains today a pivotal protrusion of where Buddha himself lay a hand.

Regardless of your beliefs, the mountain cares not for how you worship or to who, but exists for outstanding climbing and great appreciation. When packing your bags for a trip out here, bring what you would need for a climb: comfortable hiking boots, shorts or long pants, water, hat, sunscreen etc.

The good news is climbing to the top is done by hundreds and thousands every year. What does this mean for you? If making a new trail isn’t your cup of tea, than simply follow the stairway to heaven. Literally.

A stairwell complete with rails runs from the bottom to the summit, 1500 steps to be exact. If you are not in the best of shape, you may want to only do a few hundred steps. The higher you ascend, the steeped the steps and drop off become.

On your way up, you will have a chance to see Buddha statues and the Peace Pagoda, built by Japan in the 1970’s.

Be sure to arrive early as this hike will take a few hours up and about 3 hours getting down. Bring food and water as there are no restaurants on Sri Pada.

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