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| Updated on Dec 4, 2015

Travel the Sweetness of Kandy

As the second largest city in the country, there is no visiting Kandy without a Sri Lanka Visa.

This sweet place will leave you with an improved sense of culture, lined against a deep yearning for even more traveling. It’s good for you, it’s good for the local economy too. The other “good” point we are making is we can make it happen. At least the visa part. Try out our site, which can be used by anyone with almost any computer skill level.

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Don’t worry, they are simple and to the point. Once you have been approved for a Sri Lanka Visa, now you are ready to head off toward adventure. There is plenty to be had, too! Kandy is the second largest city in Sri Lanka following Colombo. By the way, you’ll want to check out Colombo as well but for now we will concentrate on Kandy. This gem of an area is home to unique attractions, like the Temple of the Tooth.

No, it’s not a museum for dentistry. Rather, it houses what is believed to be a tooth from Buddha. Legend says it was taken from his mouth when he lay dying and was smuggled to Sri Lanka. From then on, it lay protected and guarded in what is now a temple where visitors and Buddhists can partake in worship.

As for interesting places to visit and see, take a small trip to Sigiriya, an ancient palace locating near the town of Dambulla. While you are there, see relics and historical artifacts inside the Dambulla cave temple. No touching but photos are welcomed.

Heading back into Kandy, try touring the Royal Palace of Kandy. The last king to reside in the palace was 200 years ago. King Sri Vikrama Rajasinha was overthrown and ever since, the palace lay dormant. In more recent times, the palace has become one of the most visited areas in Kandy, rivaling the Temple of the Tooth.

For a more peaceful, outdoor venture rent a boat and relax in the waters of Kandy Lake. Cool, refreshing and above all, tranquil. If open waters isn’t your forte, take a hike through the Knuckles Mountain Range. There you will find plenty of trails taking you into unknown territory. Give yourself a chance to become one with nature. Just be on your guard as this is animal kingdom and you never know when one may surprise you on the trail. Most importantly, have fun and relax. You’re on vacation in Kandy, Sri Lanka!

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