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| Updated on May 2, 2016

About UK passport photo standards

Traveling to Sri Lanka will require a valid passport. We suggest that you apply for your tourist visa online at and if you need a new passport, take your photos online with MyPassportPhotosOnlline.

How much do you know about UK passport photo standards? The average citizen probably doesn't know a lot off of the top of his or her head.

And why should you? Applying for a passport is not an everyday occurrence. The problem is, when you do need to apply for a passport, you're going into the process almost blind. Not being informed from the beginning can make the process much longer and more complicated, leading to a lot of stress and frustration.

Passport photo UK.

But the process doesn't have to be unpleasant. With, getting a professional passport photo in the UK is quick and easy.

They are an entirely digital passport photo processing service that allows you to take your photo without even leaving your home. Plus, they provide the unique service of checking and double-checking your passport photo to make sure it is fully compliant with all of the UK's regulations. With, you don't have to waste time sending in an unacceptable photo and having it returned to you for corrections. Make sure you get your passport application approved the first time.

The Regulations

Each passport photo in the UK must be 35mmx45mm in size, printed on professional photo paper, and free of tears or creases. The number you need is specified in the application, but each photo should be identical. Each photo must be taken head-on against a plain, light gray, or cream background with plenty of contrasts so your features are completely visible. You can't have anything covering or obscuring your face (including glass lenses), and you can't wear any head covers except those worn for religious or medical purposes. Your photo cannot be altered in any way, including correcting red eye.

You should be somewhat familiar with these regulations for when you take your picture for, but with their service, you don't have to worry about the intricacies. They will process your photo and make sure it's completely compliant for you. Plus, if you have any questions about UK standards, they have a 24/7 chat feature to help you whenever you need.

How Works

Obtaining your passport photo is as easy as three simple steps. First, select the type of document you require, in this case, a UK passport photo. Take your picture in the convenience of your home with a camera or a smartphone. You can take as many as you like until you're completely satisfied. Lastly, submit your photo to Your work is done, and all that's left is for them to process your photo to ensure it's compliant. If it's not, they will let you take a new one at no cost, as long as it's clear you tried to follow basic standards.

Once approved, your photo will arrive in the mail in about 7-14 business days since the UK is an international destination. Or, if you need something more urgent, you can print your photos out at home if you have the means to do so. They also offer the lowest price on the market, starting from $1USD. So quick, easy, and affordable, is a no-brainer

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